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A friend?

A friend pinged – “goooood mornig hz u’

“Trying to smile :(”

“Stay positive, get outdoors, b active…”

“No dearth of positivity dear.”

“K, I asum u hv 2min? I’m in shit…”

After 45mins, I wrote, “Need to go, wanna tissue box.”

“Sorry, I made u cry. My story is painful. But u r close to my heart.”

“I have a nasty flu, croaky throat, hurting back and running temperature.”

“Oh! U need rest, so what do u think I shud do…”

Another 30min later I pulled the plug, only to see a SMS, “call me wen fre…need to discuss.”



Picture courtesy:

© Nisha Sanjeev


Written for Ten on Ten Tuesdays hosted by Cynthia and Deepika

This week’s prompt: Close to my heart!

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