A friend?

A friend pinged – “goooood mornig hz u’

“Trying to smile :(”

“Stay positive, get outdoors, b active…”

“No dearth of positivity dear.”

“K, I asum u hv 2min? I’m in shit…”

After 45mins, I wrote, “Need to go, wanna tissue box.”

“Sorry, I made u cry. My story is painful. But u r close to my heart.”

“I have a nasty flu, croaky throat, hurting back and running temperature.”

“Oh! U need rest, so what do u think I shud do…”

Another 30min later I pulled the plug, only to see a SMS, “call me wen fre…need to discuss.”



Picture courtesy: http://pixabay.com/

© Nisha Sanjeev


Written for Ten on Ten Tuesdays hosted by Cynthia and Deepika

This week’s prompt: Close to my heart!


7 responses

  1. Nice write up Nisha. Friends are always those people who are extremely close to our heart. Welcome to 10/10 Tuesdays. Am sure you are going to enjoy it.

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  2. Ack. The irony of friendship, indeed.

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  3. Wow!! People just take you for granted. I’ve few “friends” like that. 🙂

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  4. That about sums up friendship.

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  5. ouch! some friendships are so heavy and quite one-sided
    you have summed it up quite well!

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  6. ellytreehugger AKA elly stornebrink | Reply

    Seems like the friend was taken advantage of though with her permission as she didn’t set her boundaries, thus two minutes becomes 45 minutes, becomes another 30 minutes and so on, especially when sick! I think both were “in the wrong.” 😉 ❤

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  7. There are so many times when we take friends for granted. But then those things are part and parcel of friendship. Lovely writeup 😊.

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