Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Far away to no-man’s land, I don’t wanna go!

Far away to no-man’s land, I don’t wanna go!

Here I stay, jump and laugh

Cry at times and even yell

Stay quiet and chill, with you beside;

Expectations frustrate me

Social pressures anger me

I let that destroy your peace, too;

Cranky at times, moody some times

Irrational, I derail our harmony;


Why is the house rent rising?

Why is the promotion stalled?

Why should I buy a particular gift?

I give it all two hoots

But am asked

Am I not ambitious?

Don’t I care for my kids’ future?

What sort of a parent am I?

As if it’s a crime to just live;

Far away to no-man’s land, I don’t wanna go!

With you beside I want to stay

Is all that I really want to say!


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