Dare the devil

How I love science! I wanted to be a doctor, actually, she said

Then what stopped you?

Well, I did Bachelors of Science

Dissection classes were my faaavvv! she drawled

Teaching science in middle school is hardly fun but livelihood, you see

How come, you don’t like teaching when you took tuitions previously, she asked

And thus we got talking about virtues of being a good teacher

Patience, knowledge, life skills…

Teachers are God’s gift to kids, especially primary school mentors

Being a good parent does not make you a good teacher…

Hours passed by and it was time for my friend to take leave

As is her wont, she walked into the washroom

And I heard a scream

Before I could gather what happened she was all over me

Petrified, her manicured nails biting into my arms

Are you ok. Shall I get you some water…

I sat her down. She gulped it down

What happened…




A-Z Challenge 2015

My theme for the Challenge is ‘Free Verse’

#AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


Thoughts Uncensored… Your’s Truly!

11 responses

  1. What a girl 😛 Well, I hated dissection classes! In PU, I had to dissect cockroach and it was a miracle that I didn’t faint! But that was the last! I can never stand that sight again.


  2. yeeeeek! Would also screamed.. Hahahaa- enjoyed reading ur story:-)


  3. Cockroaches are creepy. I’d scream too.


  4. Hehehe…how did she get past her science lab sessions?!


  5. Haha! I’m glad she is being caught red-handed from all her boasting! 🙂 P.S: I’m scared of cockroaches too. Never had to do dissection as it was banned in CBSE syllabus. Yipeeyay!


  6. LOL! I was scared of cockroaches. But in 12th I was forced to do dissection… and actually I was good at it. 😀


  7. Ha ha ha! I have never done a dissection but cockroaches are mean creatures. They make me scream too! You post was a fun one to read Nisha.


  8. God! When she screamed, I was expecting something else but not a cockroach! LOL 😀 I hate seeing live cockroaches and they scare me a bit and this is when I have done dissections for 6 years and loved doing that too! 😛


  9. Well I certainly can’t blame her for screaming upon seeing a cockroach, science lab, dissection, or otherwise! 😉 ❤


  10. hahaha …I never did any dissection … sigh wish I had that experience of dissecting frogs and cockroaches


  11. Thanks all for stopping by… much appreciated!


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