Ego sneeze

Morning, everybody

I want each one of you dressed in formals 5 days a week

We are professionals, GM roared

Team looked at one another, nodded

Why are you slouching Preeti?

Joseph you need a hair cut

Pradeep, no chewing gum in office, is that clear

Pin-drop silence ensued, only stares exchanged

When his phone rang, there were murmurs

Why the hell did he return

Six-months of bliss

Moron, he should have been absorbed in main office…

Any questions!

Well, now that I’m here for good, I need to see results

We should be the best team…Rachael change your spectacles

This is no fashion ramp for fluorescent colour frames

Let me make this clear,

What image are you cutting to clients

We are front desk, discipline, decorum…

I will not tolerate, and he sneezed. Once

Twice – louder

Thrice – stronger

Fourth time, he jerked and the team threw glances

Some heads dropped low

Some lips stiffened tight

Some scratched heads and looked away

GM suddenly got an urgent call on his mobile

Excuse me… he mumbled half-way through the door.


My theme for A-Z Challenge 2015 is ‘Free Verse’


 More here…Thoughts Uncensored: Your’s truly


13 responses

  1. A boss from hell.


  2. Hope he stayed out for a long time.. Puh! Obviously havent heard about Leading by doing , being the good example.. That guy?!


  3. Not really the nicest guy, is he? 😀


  4. wow that’s a really rude boss!!


  5. Wish I would never meet someone like him!!



  6. Looks like someone cursed him and he started sneezing 🙂


  7. Ha ha! This was so fun! Loved it Nisha, couldn’t stopped smiling 😀


  8. Funny.. imagining it is so funny!


  9. Your post made me smile though glad it is only a story! I wonder what other ego errors he might make? 😉 ❤


  10. No wonder they din’t want him back. He is quite the dictator!
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*


  11. Thank you, Eli, Suzy, Shailaja, Shantala, Parul, Swathi, Rajalekshmi


  12. And who was that on his phone?


  13. Reminds me of the bosses in the movie Horrible Bosses…


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