She dusts, wipes, pats, takes a step back

Cocks her head and crinkles her eyes

And dusts again, wipes over and pats the counter

She mops kitchen before beginning work

Every morning at 6am

Waits for floor to dry, lest her footprints leave marks

Makes tea, washes kettle, dries and places it back on stand

Wipes the counter, washes dish towel, before settling

To take a sip…

When she notices one fingerprint on centre-table

Leaves her cup and fetches table cleaner

Sprays it, wipes it, takes a step back

Cocks her head and preens over the table

Satisfied she returns, washes table cloth, dries it, pins it on hanger

And is back to her tea to find it cold,

She decides to heat it in microwave

Holding the hot cup, she places it aside

Switches off the oven, picks up the oven towel

Wipes the inside, picks up the plate, wipes underneath

Wipes the roof, the sides, takes a step back

Bends low and stares inside the oven

Shakes her head and wipes the roof yet again

Then washes the oven cloth, dries it and pins it on its hanger

Now she sits with her cup, when the alarm clock screams

It’s time to wake up her kid

She covers the tea and rushes to the bedroom…


Courtesy: MorgueFile



My theme for A-Z Challenge 2015 is ‘Free Verse’

#AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


More here: Thoughts Uncensored… Your’s Truly!



6 responses

  1. She never got to enjoy the tea. What an obsession!


  2. Sure sounds like an obsession with constant checking and cleaning. However, I can see why with tea as it is so divine to me! 😉 ❤


  3. ha ha..Elly tea is divine!!


  4. Thanks Vinita for stopping by


  5. To have tea in peace without any distraction is a bliss. Well, she was obsessed with so much that it must have been hard for her each day! Loved your writing Nisha!


  6. oh dear, OCDs can be tough to handle. Loved the way you described it.


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