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Umbrellas my own

For long many growing up years

I refused to carry an umbrella

To school, college and then to work

I placed an onion on my scalp, holding it by a scarf

Or placed a baseball cap in mismatching colours

During scorching summer months

Yet I refused to carry an umbrella

For I associated it with my grandpa, grandma, grand uncles

And all others in my hometown

Who never ventured out without an umbrella under their arms

When it rains they walk under it,

When it’s sunny, they walk holding it

When it’s windy, they walk with it

For long many growing up years

I refused to carry an umbrella

I was embarrassed

Believed it was outdated, old fashioned

Just not done

Until, I learnt about UV rays and the tan

Until when my skin gained prominence over ancestors

Now I have umbrellas

In colours myriad and materials fancy

With accessories hanging on them

To match my outfits



My theme for A-Z Challenge 2015 is ‘Free Verse’

#AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


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No comparison

When will we live, he thundered

Yet again

What the hell will we do?

Do you even care? He yelled at his wife

Look at what Rakesh’s in-laws gifted him?

Look at his flat? Rs2 crore

Do you even know to write the figure?

He’s worried, tensed that he loses sleep

He’s irritated, insecure that he faults his wife

Bloody I work like a donkey

And am ignored for promotion…

Look at our cousin going on overseas holidays

Look at them, how they spend shopping

Do we have the means?

Did you notice the gold on the bride?

The feast that followed?

All our cousins are well-off

And you just sit and watch reality shows…

……. have you ever thought about….

Shut up!

Yelled the wife, long many years later


I’ve had enough! For the last 16 years…

Do you have anything nice to say?

This is the only reason you’re NOT living

Stop it NOW!

Stop comparing

Ahhh!, she slumbered on the sofa

I’m happy with the way we live

With my job, your work, our son

Our home, our friends, our family

I happy like this

Pleaaaase! Let’s live!



My theme for A-Z Challenge 2015 is ‘Free Verse’

#AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


More here: Thoughts Uncensored… Your’s Truly!


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